Guesthouse U Zámku is situated on main street T. G. Masaryka shortly after you enter Slatiňany when you arrive from Chrudim which is only 1.5 km away. In the neighbourhood there you can find a small chateau with a park, a stud farm and cycle paths.


Snídaně penzionu a restaurace u zámku

Wi-Fi free

Wifi penzionu a restaurace u zámku

Pets free

Penzionu a restaurace u zámku


  • One of the best personnel I’ve ever met. The room was very clean, the food in the restaurant was great.
  • Nice personnel, good food, clean rooms. And draft Pilsen 😀

Guests’ opinions

You can also visit our Guesthouse and Café U Náhonu in Chrudim.

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